Boss Everyware

Boss Everyware 3.1

See everything that's going on on someone's PC

Boss Everyware is a software that helps you monitor how people use your computers.

Boss Everyware monitors computer usage for security, troubleshooting and time tracking purposes. The package includes a highly flexible monitoring program, powerful report tool and configuration utility.

Monitoring program records user activity down to each open window, visited URL and typed keystroke. It is designed to take minimal system resources and does not affect system performance. Activity logs are written in common database formats which enables easy integration of Boss Everyware with a larger IT management system.

User reviews about Boss Everyware

  • nachtjaeger

    by nachtjaeger

    "Boss Everyware...but maybe not enough?"

    While I've not yet used this software, it looks rather impressive. In relation to it's <a href="http...   More.